The Prospect Inn, Estes Park. CO.

The Prospect Inn was a small boutique hotel in Estes Park Colorado from 1915 to 1955. If you have any information about this hotel or its history, please contact us. We are interested in old photos, stationary, postcards and any historical information that you may have.

The original owner and builder was Stella M. Miller from Pennsylvania. She purchased the land in 1912 and built the hotel in 1915. She sold the hotel in 1936.

Sent to us on October, 1st 2010

I stayed at the Prospect Inn during the summer of 1954. The regular rooms were all rented, but the owner/manager - a nice older lady - offered me a "room" on the porch. It was tiny, just room for a single bed, a bureau/dresser and that's it. On one side it was "glassed in", and had no running water and no heat - but it was something I could afford! Looking at the hotel from the front, it was on the right, towards the rear of the porch.

I worked at Monty's first as a dishwasher and then as a bus boy. I later "graduated" to become a waiter at The Waffle Shop - where I could also get free meals!

I spent most of my money phoning my girlfriend in Virginia, whom I married

RM - Florida